Monday, 16 September 2013

Is It Worth Living Down Under?

How does the life in Australia really compare to the UK? 

This is the first question that arises for anyone looking to migrate to Australia from the UK.

Frankly, it is so different that it makes comparison difficult. But then, isn’t that the point? If it would be all the same stuff with a funny accent and a dusting of venomous animals, why bother going?

First, we should talk about the climate. Australia is known for hot summers and mild winters, but it is a big country. It is tropical in the north, but as temperate as most of Europe in the southern states like Victoria. 

Because of the climate, Australians often spend more time out of doors than in. This has social effects.  We know that that most Brits rarely speak to their neighbours but sport and socialisation are huge parts of life in Australia. 

Many UK professionals are in demand for many jobs in Australia, such as teaching jobs in Australia or medical personnel jobs in Australia, so having certain skills can make finding work much simpler. Wages may be lower or higher for the same job in the UK, but other factors like working hours and conditions should be considered as well. 

Comparing life in the UK with life in Australia is definitely apples and oranges, though. If you’re tired of the rat race in Britain, and want to improve your life in general, you really have to look far beyond the financial considerations to overall quality of life. I would defintely do a detailed research on this before thinking to migrate to Australia.  Does it sound good to you? If so, it may well be worth it.

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